About JRC


Characteristics shared by Ravens, Elite Musicians, and JRC

  • Fearless
  • Intelligence & Curiosity
  • Creative
  • Unpredictable & Authentic 
  • Transformation
  • Powerful & Inspiring 

These traits are only possessed by musicians who are relentless on achieving a legendary level of skills, and we see it as JRC's responsibility to make your journey a little easier. 


About JRC

JRC is a brand located in Washington, USA. We produce gear intended for Guitar & Bass players looking to explore and expand their true potential. 

We make guitar picks in many different sizes, and we habitually use a variety of materials such as; Delrin, Resin, Kirinite, and Acrylic. 

 If you have any questions, message us.

  • Email: (jrc.johnnyraven@gmail.com)
  • Instagram: (@jrc_plectrums)
  • Facebook: (JRC Plectrums)